Vår historia

Vår historia

The beggining of this dream of having my very own restaurant started young. I’ve always had a passion for making food not only for its science but the emotions that hold.

When I moved to Sweden after having worked at restaurants in Spain, I decided that I wanted to start brand new and make my dreams a reality, the museum was our favorite spot, we came to eat ice cream, ride our bycicles in the summer or just sit there and enjoy the peace, quiet and nature around us, however, it never crossed our minds that a few years later we would be calling that place ”ours”.

It was actually one night that just like many, after our daily schedule we were sitting in our sofa scrolling through the internet when we saw it… It was on Sale! We looked at eachother and agreed to call next morning, so we did and came out so sure that that place was made for us, it was always right there, it became clear to our eyes that we needed to start here.

I realized that sometimes in life when nothing seems to go well, it all depends on how you take it and sometimes life is just preparing you for something bigger and better if you just keep trying.